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Agar io Viruses Eating Tutorial

4 Ways To Combine Faster In Agario

4 WAYS TO COMBINE FASTER IN AGARIO Is there a way to combine faster in agario?the short answer is yes, well uh maybe, it depends on how you see it, the cooldown time will always be there, but there are ways to reshape ourself’s and decrease the amount of time needed for our cells to recombine, here are 4 tips to help you combine faster in agario. combining tips CELL SPLITTING By now you should already know that small cells combine faster than big ones, you can actually make use of this and split ourselves a few times to decrease the cooldown time, just…

Best Chrome Extensions

1- A. Powerups Meet new powerups! This extension will help You get 1st position on the Leaderboard! Main features: • Custom skins • Custom servers • Extra zoom • Show opponent’s mass • Extended colors • Virus transparency • Large names • No grid • Show my range • Show virus range • Time to remerge Additional features: • Has AdBlock? No matter with free space for adverts! • Free Spectate mode.
Agar io Viruses Eating Tutorial

Agar io Lag Fix

  Can’t play agario because of lag problems? don’t worry, you are not alone, there are in fact lots of people with the exact same lag issues at this particular moment, that’s why here, I’m about to show you some awesome tips to fix your agario lag, and boost your game to its maximum performance. Here we go…  10 tips to Reduce lag on agario…    #1 – CHOOSE A SERVER NEAR YOUR LOCATION Agario has 8 different server locations available at this moment, playing on a server near you will increase your ping, and decrease the lag. Here are the true…

OpenUserJS Mods Hack Scripts

  Name Installs Rating Last Updated AresBot vClean 0.3.3 12277 0 12 Feb Vawlt Bot 1 4828 0 May ’15 AposBot for 3.18 2986 0 Jul ’15 HF Server 0.1 1516 0 Jul ’15 agar-gamepad 1.0 1221 0 Jul ’15 Launcher for AposBot by Vance 2.35 1122 0 Jul ’15 Agar+ V2 Edited By Imam 2.1.0  


Play   How to play Your first impression for Limax .io may be “an easy game that you pick some orbs and get bigger” but you are wrong. You need a good skill to survive and be the master of every session. Here is the info about what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna do in! Before you start your game don’t forget to find an interesting nickname to attract your opponents. If you’ve read my previous review you’ll remember that I named our game’s character “SLUG” First; keep your mouse tight and be ready…

How to Make Agario run faster

  For this guide we’re going to be using chrome, which typically runs better with few pages compared to Firefox. Asides from doing the obvious (listed these at the end later) this page gives the best tips for increasing agario performance and making it run faster. As the majority of people use Windows this guide also shares some brief tips on how to make that run faster. How To Reduce Lag in Agario 1.) Use Chrome Experimental Features First up, enter in the following address to your web browser, which should then take you to an experimental features page where you…
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