Agario Private Servers

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Top 5 Agario Private Servers

  1.  I love the base version of agario. Of course there is things they should fix but still I love it. 2. This is so fun. Its like normal agario splitting but faster recombine and so much fun! Also you press Z to turbo split. Just try and you will understand.

List of Private Servers

  PRIVATE SERVER 1 – Owner – u/cloudybitty— This server is now closed due to unfair gameplay. Teaming and cheating (using minions) have resulted in this. PRIVATE SERVER 2 – Owner – u/sterlingtoth – a.k.a. 5tat — Closed; Reason unknown.PRIVATE SERVER 3 – Owner – u/Nathat23 — This server is temporarily closed, because it used up all the data for the month.PRIVATE SERVER 4 – Owners – u/dogey_ & u/NatsuTheGreat — Smoother splitting. PRIVATE SERVER 5 – Owner- u/Q79X— You are able to Instant Merge and Feed Yourself. Plus the size of the map is 70K x 70K. You…

Agario Private Servers List 2016

  This list compiles the best agar private servers from across the web, sorted by quality. This article was linked to by how to unblock agario when these were important for getting around the firewall. Each server is followed by a list of game types and pros and cons. For recommendations, leave a comment below! 1.) This originally Russian server started out small then became a huge hit after being featured by a famous Russian Youtuber. It has good servers, is very fast, and has a large list of features. It has unique game modes and always has…

AgarioForums Server

The ability to have your own skin in AGF ( Private Server) is now available! To receive your own skin you must have positive reputation on your forum account, and you must show us that you are active by posting posts and threads. If you meet the requirements, you may be eligible for a skin ingame for everyone to recognize you by. Post a thread with the skin and we will review your account. Agar io Powerups - Agar io Unblocked:agarioformus (3)agario forums unblocked (1)

Play New

Play New Agario game The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest snake of all time! Most fun thing to do so far is trap little snakes in loops. Watch them coil in desperation in terror. Just wait, big bully me. Wait for the inevitable moment the last breath is taken. The smash-hit game! Play with millions of players around the world and try to become the biggest snake of all time! You can play powerups with skins. From Reddit Users: "This is fun. Basically a big…

Unofficial List of the Most Experienced Western Players

  AFTER GIVING THIS SOME THOUGHT… THIS LIST SHOULDNT JUDGE YOUR ABILITY AND IT REALLY ISN’T TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL BAD! IT WAS INTENDED JUST TO KEEP TRACK OF SOME GOOD PLAYERS! BELIEVE THE LIST WITH CAUTION (or you know you can be a salty scrub)   Because I’m a little cunt, Ima make a list of the best/most experienced agar players! Now before you scrubs say, Micro, this is going to be biased and unfair! And there’s MANY great players out there… (My list will include more than just a few people)   Well to answer you… here is…
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