4 Ways To Combine Faster In Agario


Agraio combining tipsIs there a way to combine faster in agario?
the short answer is yes, well uh maybe, it depends on how you see it, the cooldown time will always be there, but there are ways to reshape ourself’s and decrease the amount of time needed for our cells to recombine, here are 4 tips to help you combine faster in agario. combining tips


By now you should already know that small cells combine faster than big ones, you can actually make use of this and split ourselves a few times to decrease the cooldown time, just remember that splitted cells are highly targeted and may get you in some risky situations.


Holding your mouse in the middle of your cells will definitely help you to combine faster whenever you’re ready to, your cells will combine anyway, but holding your mouse closer to your cells will save you some time.


Multi merging is quite similar to the previous tip, but many players seem to overlook this, you can merge multiple cells at ones by aiming your mouse in a certain way so they come together at ones instead of separate.

For example, you have 3 cells which are about to get together, you can now aim to combine all 3 cells at ones, letting it do its own thing might only merge them into 2 cells instead of all 3, muli merging your cells is more efficient and way better to do, you just have to move your cells in a way so they get together at ones.


Edge combining is a pretty advanced agario strategy, but it’s definitely going to make you combine faster in times of need, here’s how it works, you basically go to the edge of the map and shoot mass blobs towards the wall, the mass blobs will then bounce back which allows you to grow one of your cells by eating your own mass, this method should only be used when it’s truly necessary, why? well, you’re losing a certain amount of mass for each blob that you shoot, shooting so manny will make your mass drop dramatically fast.

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