5 Easy Agario Strategies Everyone Should Know


easy agario strategiesHaving the right gameplay strategy along with the perfect timing is the key to an easy agario game,  I still see players struggling on when and how to execute these strategies, so decided to write an article on easy agario strategies which everyone should be using in their gameplay.

This are just 5 strategies, but I will definitely consider writing more articles like this one in the near future with more advanced strategies and tips.


If you’ve been playing agario for a while you may have seen some players shooting mass towards the middle of their own cells to quickly combine and grow one of their cells, I like to call this strategy Mass shifting, it might come in handy and save you in sketchy situations where you need to combine fast, but I wouldn’t recommend to use it too much due to mass loss while shooting (W) blobs, an example of mass shifting can be found in the video below (at 1:08)




Combine baiting is one of the most efficient ways to eat someone’s cell in agario,here’s how it works… First of all, you need at least 2 cells which are about to combine shortly, you will then try to get close to someone else’s cell while baiting him with one of your smaller cells, (Try to act as if you’re running from him) you then turn around and combine while you’re close enough to eat him.

you can see how this strategy works in action in the video below (skip to 2:13)




Split and shoot is an aggressive agario strategy which is mainly used to get yourself in the right position to shoot viruses towards the cells of other players, Here’s an example… If There’s a virus on your right and a player right on top of the virus, you can split yourself and get yourself in position under the virus and shoot it towards your opponent’s cells, this strategy is frequently used by experienced agario players and YouTubers like Wun Wun.



I guess by now we al know what happens when floating true viruses right… yeah, you will pop into a swarm of smaller cells, Now the cool part… It’s mostly safe to float true viruses whenever you’re about to combine, off corse you will still pop and risk the chance of getting eaten by other cells, but some of your cells will combine instantly if you’ve timed it correctly even though they got split by a virus second ago, see how this works in the video below (Skip to 1:48)




And finally as my 5th strategy / tip, I want to say that playing aggressive is mostly the time the best thing to do, of course you need to be careful with your actions and time them correctly, but other than that it’s mostly worth the risk, and trust me, it will eventually make agario easier and much more fun to play…


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