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Game mode: Free For All

Free-For-All is what many people consider the classic game mode. It’s the original, the one and only, the game mode that everyone first started playing. You can play as a plain colored blob or you can use a skin.

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In free for all, there is a top 10 leaderboard to the top right, indicating which blob is the biggest on the map currently. If you want to make it to the top 10, you need to play well and avoid making mistakes.

Here are some do’s and do not’s in Free-For-All


  • Avoid blobs that can absorb you if they split. This seems obvious. If another blob looks like they are within the size to split and still be able to absorb you, run. Of course, you shouldn’t avoid every large blob on the map. If you are near the largest blob on the map and you are freshly spawned, then you shouldn’t be afraid (unless they specifically hate you and only you). Splitting carries risk and not every blob will split to kill you unless it is worth it to them. Sure, the largest blob on the map can split to kill you when you’re size 15, but will they? Doubt it.
  • Hide behind viruses to defend. If you’re small enough and are running away from a larger blob, you can hide behind viruses. Smaller blobs can go into viruses with no negative effect, but larger ones will split into many smaller blobs if they touch a virus. Use this to your advantage.
  • Split at the right time. Be patient and wait until you get a good opportunity to be sure that you will absorb the mass you’re targeting. If you split and you’re too far away from another blob, you may end up missing and have split for no reason.

Do not’s:

  • Do not go near a virus if you are big. You will have to actively avoid touching the viruses, since if you touch them, you will split up into many smaller blobs and other blobs can take advantage of that by absorbing you. Other players can also try to press w to feed a virus, and once a virus is fed enough times, it will split to spawn a new virus, in the direction it was being fed at. The virus can be directed towards you, and you don’t want that, do you?
  • Do not press w if you don’t need to. Sometimes players will have their name be “press w” or “press w for chat” in order to trick you into pressing w. If you press w, you will launch some of your mass towards the direction you were headed, and other players can absorb the mass that you ejected.
  • Don’t split every time you see a blob smaller than you. If your blob is very large, do not split to kill a blob that is much smaller than you. Once you split, it will take a while before your blobs join back together and during that time period, you are vulnerable. Another blob can come in to absorb your split blobs.


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