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Features Include:Complies to r/agario no cheating rules
Use custom skins that are seen by other script users
Show mass on player is selected on start up
Touchpad fix to prevent accidental freezing
Includes popup confirming intent to leave agario
Mass-graph to show your performance
End-of-game statistics
Checkbox settings are now saved
NEW Press ALT+1 for FPS counter
NEW Press Z for stats
NEW Press T for Time benchmark
NEW Firefox fullscreen mode with Ctrl-f
NEW Sound effects
NEW Background music
NEW Acid Mode
NEW Volume settings, graph toggle, etc.

Agariomods Features

  1. Ogar Servers
    • In light of the disablement of connecting to servers by ip, we decided to create private servers with an open source program called Ogar.
    • While spectating, you can change the spectated player with the Q key.
    • Game Modes
      • Free For All
        • In free for all your sole goal is to be the largest cell.
      • Teams
        • In teams there are 3 factiongs, green, blue, and red. Your goal is to make the combined mass of your teams cells greater than any other.
      • Hunger Games
        • This game mode is just like FFA, but you only get one life.
        • In the center of the map there is free mass, surrounded by viruses.
        • To join a match you must press the play button once a match ends, other people are also trying to join so you must be quick.
          • If you press it too early or too late, you will see a blank screen, to get out of it you need to press ESC and click ‘Spectate’.
      • Hide and Seek
        • Seekers are red, Hiders are blue.
        • When the game starts, a random player is chosen as a seeker, who is then teleported to the middle of the game, and blinded.
        • Hiders hide in viruses, or stay on the run, avoiding getting tagged by seekers.
        • When a seeker tags a hider, the hider becomes a seeker.
        • When there are no more hiders, the seekers will win.
        • If there are still hiders left when time runs out, the hiders will win.
        • When there is only one hider remaining, the direction the hider is from a seeker will be shown every 10 seconds.
        • A virus is translucent to a player that is under it.
        • Hold Q to sprint.
          • You have stamina, it’s not unlimited.
      • Anonymous Free For All
        • FFA, with a few changes:
          • There are no names.
          • Players’ colors are randomized every minute.
          • W only feeds viruses, players get 0 mass.
          • W disappears once it stops moving.
      • Enhanced Teams
        • Teams, with a few changes:
          • Holding Q will allow you to be eaten by your team mates, and you will glow.
            • Also happens when a player disconnects.
          • Smaller cells don’t push as hard against larger cells.
      • Experimental Teams
        • Simply Teams mode, with the features of Experimental.
      • Teams
        • All of our Team varants are different from Vanilla Agario
          • There can be up to 6 different teams.
          • A Team can ‘win’ after maintaing domanance for a certain amount of time.
    • Chat
      • We have chat servers setup on our ogar servers.
      • This feature requires an account at
      • To enable chat, you must authenticate your account with your Agariomods installation from your profile page
      • The chat window is not shown on public servers.
      • Usage
        • Pressing C or toggling the “Ogar Chat Enabled” setting will toggle the chat window.
        • Pressing ENTER will show the chat input box/submit you message.
        • Pressing / will show the chat input box.
        • Messaging to quickly will disable chat for 8 seconds.
  2. Current Mass
    • The ‘Score’ counter in the vanilla game only showed your high score. That has been replaced with a counter of how much mass you currently have, with the ‘Score’ counter renamed to ‘High Score’ to the right.
  3. Additional Skins
    • This adds additional skins to the game that can be used by using a certain name for your cell.
    • These skins are not visible to those who don’t use this mod.
    • The list of additional skins can be found at
  4. Custom Skins
    • Custom Skins will only be seen by other Agariomods users
    • You can turn custom skins on and off with the “No Custom Skins” setting.
    • There is no filtering of Custom images. If you are in an environment where NSFW images can cause issue, it is recommended to disable this feature.
    • Connect Skins
      • Name your cell “*” followed by a connect username.
        • i.e. For the account named “electronoob”, you would name your cell “*electronoob”.
      • If the user exists, and that user has uploaded a skin to their account, the cell’s will have that user’s skin.
      • There may be a report system for connect skins in the future, but not at the moment.
      • Learn more about connect skins at
    • Imgur Skins
      • Name your cell “i/”, followed by the Imgur Image ID.
      • i.e. If your image is then your name would be i/eCUKe0f.
      • The name will not be shown on your cell for everyone with the mod who has the ‘No Custom Skins’ setting disabled.
        • Your name will still show up on the leaderboard.
        • i.e. i/eCUKe0f will not show up for other Agariomods users, but will show up for everyone else.
    • Youtube Skins
      • Name your cell “+”, followed by the Youtube username.
      • i.e. If the youtube channel url is then you would name your cell +MattShea.
      • Only works for channels with a “” channel url.
      • Usernames are not case-sensitive
      • These skins are not disabled with the “No Custom Skins” setting.
    • Client Skin
    • Enabling the Client Skin setting will bring up a prompt asking you for the image url to use as your skin.
    • Setting state will not be saved, however, the last used url will.
    • ONLY YOU will see this skin.
    • This overrides any other skin, regardless of your cell’s name.
    • If you put a valid skin name on your cell, such as “”, others will see that skin instead.
    • Some URLs may not work this often happens with websites that redirect you to a website when you try to view the image file, try another website.
    • Supported Filetypes
      • .png
      • .jpg
      • .gif
        • Will not be animated.
      • .svg
      • .bmp
      • Other filetypes may work with the use of plug-ins.
  5. Auto-saving of settings
    • Settings are saved automatically every time you make a change.
    • This does not apply to the Custom Background Image.
  6. Laptop touchpad fix to prevent accidental freezing
    • Done by disabling clicking and click dragging in-game.
  7. Warning when you try to Reload/Leave
    • Popup box shows up asking, “Do you really want to leave this page?”
  8. Mass graph
    • While in game, there is a line graph in the bottom left above the scores that displays your mass over time.
    • Can be toggled with the “Show Chart” setting.
  9. Current Game Statistics
    • While in game, bringing up the menu(Esc), or holding ‘Z’ will show a box with your stats for that play.
    • On death, the main menu will show the stats of your last game.
    • Stats
      • Top 5 Gains
        • Players that gave you the most mass from eating their their cells.
        • Beside their name in parentheses is how much mass you gained from them.
      • Top 5 Losses
        • Players that took the most mass from eating your cells.
        • Beside their name in parentheses is how much mass they took from you.
      • Mass Sources
        • List showing your how much of each source you ate, and how much you gained from each source.
        • Pie chart showing how much each source of mass contributed to the total mass you gained.
        • Sources
          • Viruses/Spawners
          • Pellets
          • Ejected Mass
          • Cells
      • Game Summary
        • Game time
        • High Score
        • Highest Place in Leaderboard
        • Time you were on the leaderboard
      • Line Graph
        • Colored area displays the change in your mass over your play through.
        • The red line displays how many different cells you were split into over your play through.
  10. Debug Options
    • Elapsed Time On Webpage
      • Toggled with Alt+1
    • Frames Per Second
      • Toggled with Alt+2
    • Packets In and Out Per Second
      • Toggled with Alt+3
    • Download and Upload Speed
      • Toggled with Alt+4
  11. Firefox Fullscreen Mode
    • Only works on Firefox.
    • Firefox’s Fullscreen Mode toggled with F11 will still have a hidden address bar, that pops down from the top when you put your cursor near the top of your screen, this work around that by making the window Fullscreen like a video is playing.
    • Toggled with Ctrl+F
    • Fullscreen can be exited with Esc, but will also bring up the menu.
    • While in fullscreen, pressing the DELETE key will also show the menu, without exiting fullscreen.
  12. Audio
    • Sound Effects
      • Volume can be adjusted with the SFX slider in settings
        • Turning the volume all the way down will turn off SFX. (It won’t be loaded)
      • SFX Events
        • Game Start
        • Game Over
        • You Eat A Pellet
        • You Eat Ejected Mass
        • You Eat A Cell
        • You Do Something To a Virus
        • You Split
        • You Merge
    • BGM
      • Volume can be adjusted with the BGM slider in settings
        • Turning the volume all the way down will turn off BGM. (It won’t be loaded, and will be unloaded)
      • Randomly cycles through 5 royalty free songs.
  13. Acid Mode
    • Hidden built-in feature.
    • Toggled with the ‘Acid’ setting.
  14. Custom Background
    • Enabling the Custom Background setting will bring up a prompt asking you for the image url to display. A proceeding prompt will ask of you want to keep the grid lines enabled.
    • Setting state will not be saved, however, the last used url will.
    • Direct uploads are not, and cannot be supported.(Within reason)
    • Doesn’t work with Acid mode, enabling this setting will disable the Acid mode, and vice-versa.
    • Some URLs may not work this often happens with websites that redirect you to a website when you try to view the image file, try another website.
    • Supported Filetypes
      • .png
      • .jpg
      • .gif
      • .svg
      • .bmp
      • Other filetypes may work with the use of plug-ins.
  15. Benchmarker
    • Shown by default
    • Toggled with the ‘T’ Key
    • Clear best times with Alt+T
    • Records how long it takes for you to reach a certain mass, and saves your best times.
    • Benchmarks
      • 250 Mass
      • 500 Mass
      • 1,000 Mass
      • 5,000 Mass
  16. Parties Mode GPS
    • Enabled while in a Party
    • Your coordinates are shown to the right of your Scores.
    • Entering these coordinates into the gps and clicking Go will draw a translucent red line from all of your cells to the coordinates.
    • Use this feature to create less confusion when you join your friend’s party.
  17. Teams Mode Allied Cell’s Mass
    • Toggled with the ‘Show Teamed Mass’ setting
    • On Teams Mode, players that are on your team will have their mass displayed, like the “Show Mass” setting.
  18. Colorless Viruses
    • Toggled with the ‘Colorless Viruses’ setting.
    • Makes viruses greyscale, light grey in the center, darker grey at the borders. Works the same way as the ‘Show Colors’ setting.
    • Does not make viruses colored if the setting is deselected and ‘Show Colors’ is selected.
  19. Skins in Teams Mode
    • Toggled with the ‘Team Skins’ setting.
    • Turns on Skins in Teams Mode. Teams can still be distinguished by their cells’ border color.
  20. Ogar Connect
    • Activated with Alt+C
    • This creates a popup that has an input where you can put the ip of an Ogar Private Server in.
    • The input box will be autmatically filled in with the last valid ip that was used.
    • This does not work for the main servers.
  21. Attempt Lag Recovery
    • Performed with Alt+R
    • Will momentary stop script execution(less than a second), which should cause the client to catch up with the server, assuming the lag isn’t being caused by slow/bad internet.
  22. Maximize View Range
    • Toggled with the “Maximize View” setting
    • Resizes the game to be at a 16:9 ratio to maximize your view.
    • This is not needed if you play on fullscreen on a 16:9 display.
    • The games sends your browser information about the objects in a 16:9 rectangle around you. This means, if the website is not at a 16:9 ratio, part of this 16:9 rectangle of information is cropped. This setting will resize the game itself to be at a 16:9 resolution, which will allow you so see everything the server is telling your browser about whats around you.
  23. Compatible with Ghostery

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