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Experimental = This game mode is called experimental mode. FFA game mode with almost exactly the same. They have already developed this game mode to make it more enjoyable FFA mode. I told all the game features to FF “Experimental” is also valid for the game mode, but except for two minor differences. In Experimental game modes there is a small difference in the functioning of the cactus. In addition to this game mode it has been added to our waterfall called brown and structures resembling cactus thorns we call. cacti concept in experimental mode and do not grow as benlendik divided we are moving in the direction instead at War. When you reach a large mass in experimental mode and you try to go over the falls on you to pieces as in the cactus. You are under you and the game is taken from dying, as in other modes.

2FFA= This Game Mode Everyone Tekden. solo gameplay logic in FFA modes. Each player acting alone but is a team with people you trust or you can take an active role in the game than in a friendly game. The aim of Agario small balloons to move your character eat and play large.


3Rainbow = This game mode is called entertainment mode. The game is similar to FFA game mode. the only difference between game characters and game modes that they assume to constantly feed the Rainbow flashing colors.



4Teams = This mode is called Games team. In the game there are 3 colors red, blue, green games you log in to the game if you assign which color you are from that team.


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    Where’s the download button?

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