Agar io Spectate Mode Tips and Tricks

Agario spectate mode allows you to spectate a lobby and look how it’s behaving from above, most people think there’s just one way to spectate, but there are actually 2 different ways, spectate mode is default targeted on the biggest cell on the leaderboard, but it’s now possible to freely spectate and move wherever you want.


As I mentioned, the standard way of agario spectating is auto-targetted on the number in the lobby, your view will then always stick to the player with the most mass within your game, your view will automatically move to a different cell whenever it’s becoming number one.


You can freely spectate a lobby by pressing (Q) on your keyboard, this feature has recently been added to agario and not many people know about it, pressing Q in spectate mode removes the biggest cell autopilot view which allows you to freely move wherever you want, you can control your view by moving your mouse, and press Q again to switch back to your normal spectating view.


You can simply spectate a lobby by pressing the orange spectate button on home screen (Under the settings gear icon)

Pressing ESC > Settings > SpectateDoesn’t work while you’re playing, you can “only” spectate before spawning / after dying, else it’s not gonna do anything,

Just to clarify here’s the correct way of starting agario spectate mode, Go > Settings gear icon > Spectate, that’s all there’s to it, have fun spectating. 😀

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