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Need help in split-running and trick-splitting?  Here is my guide for doing so. I will upload two videos when I have time to.


Ever wanted to move faster around the map while eating more players than before? Try split-running! Here is how to do so:

1. Make sure you have a teammate and over 200 mass total.
2. Split once for some players and make sure your teammate splits for what you have behind your main piece- your smaller pieces.
3. Repeat until you’ve gotten the hang of it. It’s that simple. Split-run when you’re small, medium size, or even when you’re the biggest blobs together on the leaderboard!


You’ve probably heard of trick-splitting many times, but what is trick-splitting? It’s a very simple technique for eating players that are fleeing from you. Here are the steps:

1. Find a player to eat. Note that this only works if you, your teammate, and the enemy are all medium sized and up.
2. Tell your teammate (or you could just do it) to split a bunch of times in the direction of the enemy player. Make sure you don’t feed the enemy by mistake!
3. Once that is done, quickly split into the direction of the enemy player while eating your teammates pieces. Don’t eat all of your teammate by mistake!
4. After eating your teammate’s pieces, you should be big enough to eat the enemy.

Fun Facts

Did you know that if you’re in 16 pieces and at least one of your pieces is over 125 mass, you can eat viruses?

Though when it comes to splitrunning, the team moves faster by prohibiting as much as possible splitting backwards. This causes a circle-motion of movement, but is really not neccessary. Keep spamming spacebar to split, and the smaller pieces behind will eventually get smaller and smaller, and get to you. It’s hard to explain, but it’s a lot more efficient than the normal splitrunning technique. When spamming space, the largest piece doesn’t split. Only the smaller ones. You move a lot faster, and rarely have to split back again.

Splitrunning as 3 people is also on a whole other level. It’s possible to cover large distances in very short amount of time if done correctly. Will see if i can post a video tut.

Another thing which requires training is by some considered a glitch. If you’re twice as large as your opponent, and you’re trying to get him, you can’t eat him when splitting because then you’d be the same size. However, if he has near a virus (very close) and you split 2x (that is, in four pieces) into him, he will eat your first piece and get bigger, then splatter by the virus, and your middle piece will get him. This sequence is done very quickly, but it may be hard to nail. Rare to see.

Baiting/Trick splitting can be advanced to splitting in 6 pieces, and letting your teammate stay behind. So if you’re chasing someone from your East side(right), then your teammate should be on your west side (left), and NOT on top of your cells. This way, the larger ones from your east side(right) won’t see your teammate and think you’re split in 6. They split, get perhaps 1 piece of you, but your teammate splits quickly when either communicated to by pressing W once, or telling your teammate through voice-chat.

Popping the opponents tends to be very easy too. People forget about viruses and the ability to pop.