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How to play in Petri dish

Choose the game mode (FFA, HardCore, MegaSplit and etc.), select a map (more people – more difficult, less people – easier), press play.

You need to get a lot more mass than the others. Then you get to the top. This is the essence of game.

If you’re tired of simple modes of then choose one of our exclusive game modes. Each mode has its own more complex rules. You can read the description on the right when you select a mode. When you’ll select a map you get to know what the difference is. For example, higher limits or more food.

Game controls

W – eject mass, feed
Space – split
Esc – Menu
F11 – full screen
←↑→↓ /mouse click – navigate the map (spectator mode)
E – turn the compass on/off
F – pause/unpause your cell
P – open settings
A,S,D,Z – special splits (only at CrazySplit mode)

Petri Dish is a browser-based online game. The main idea of this game is simplicity. No download and registration required. You just click and play. Instant immersion into the gameplay.

In the game you are born as the small living cell on the map and your objective is try to get to the top of the list by gaining mass and competing with hundreds of players.Eat the mass, eat other players, be the strongest and the biggest. This is not just a top-1, this is real domination!

Why Petri Dish is better than

Is it worth to move from to Petri Dish? Let’s talk about the game and its features.

Chat, communication. You are no longer playing the with silent dots on your screen like in, these are the real players. You can make parties, clans, gatherings.

Clans – the best way to prove that you and your friends are best.Conquer the whole server and leave the name of your clan forever in the server’s statistics! The eternal glory is waiting for you!

You never get bored. Come on in, play. At any time. You can go and discover a gathering of a clan, a popular streamer (are you not one of them?) or an admin’s tournament.

Real customization. Say NO to the boring skins. Put any picture you want. Also available: animated skins, transparent skins, dynamic skins, emoticons! And don’t forget about passwords for your nickname. No fakes under your name.

No cheats, hacks, unfair skins, bots. The administration is keenly watching the gameplay. All dishonest players will be banned! without cheating, only in Petri Dish!

Petri Dish servers are located across Russia and Europe, much closer than the agar io ones. You can choose where you prefer to play. Minimal ping and lag, including the graphics, because the game is constantly improved and optimized!

Can a Petri Dish be called new Play for yourself and find out!


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