Agar.Io Uses Of Ejecting Mass (W Key)

Agar io Viruses Eating Tutorial


One of the actions of game is you can eject some – 16 units – of your mass through the direction of your mouse cursor by pressing W key. In my first minutes of playing, this action seemed pretty unnecessary to me. However in the meantime I realized that this action can be used in many cases for the players advantage. In this post I will explain some situations where you can benefit a great advantage by ejecting mass. These are:

  1. To throw viruses through enemy cells: If a virus is hit 7 times by ejecting mass from a cell, a new virus is born with the last hit, opposite of the direction where the hit is come from. Using this feature you can direct the new throwing virus through cell(s) of your enemy so make it explode. Then catch and eat its smaller cells after explosion. Also do not forget to check your back. Someone else may do it to yourself.
  2. To bait: Ejected masses can be used as a bait to attract smaller target cells. When you become big enough and run after a smaller cell to capture, you can try sending a few (1 or 2 times) mass through it to gain its attraction. Smaller cell tends to eat this bait to grow if it is greedy. So you will be closer to it and it will be easier to capture. If you have a massive size and your target is big, you should try sending (5 or 6 times) more masses to make it take the bait.
  3. To gain speed: As a basic rule of the game, small cells move faster than big cells. So if a bigger cell chases after you towards the edges or corners, it is obvious that it is planning to take you by leaving you nowhere to escape. In this situation your speed may not be much enough to escape. You can try ejecting some mass elsewhere and that way you will become faster. Because your cell will be smaller afterwards.

  1. To form an alliance: To form an alliance with other players is a fun thing in this game. An alliance can be formed because of mutual interests of two – or more – players. You help your ally and your ally helps you whenever you need help. I will explain different types of alliance stuff in further posts. Sending one mass to your candidate-ally is usually a starter action of forming an alliance. If it re-sends this mass back to you it means – I am saying usually – your candidate-ally accepted your alliance offer. However it is always better to keep in mind that you should not fully trust anyone in the game. Your ally may cheat you or will cheat you later.

To build up after explosion: If you are hit by a virus you explode and your cell splits into lots of parts. This case is extremely dangerous and may cause to your end unless you manage well after. After explosion you should defend your cells from enemies and it is a good thing to combine your cells into your biggest cell by ejecting mass through your biggest cell’s runway. If you are near a corner it is also a good thing to eject masses into corner not to let anyone to eat them before you.

These tips are the first things that came into my mind about uses of ejecting masses. Please share in the comments section below if you have new ideas to add or something to discuss.

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