Menu Vs Agario.Pw Which One Is Better?

AGARIO.PW VS AGAR.IO WHICH ONE IS BETTER? lol is a great alternative for agario, especially if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting way to play agario, the main game mechanics / overall look of is exactly the same as the casual that we’re used to be playing on, the biggest difference between the two browser games is the amount of extra tools and surprising gamemodes that they are providing on, some of these tools are listed below…

  • Chat: Use chat and talk to other players. (you can disable this if you want)
  • Minimap: Define your current location on the map.
  • Coordinates: Useful to tell your location to your friends when teaming.
  • Agario skins: A large number of crazy agario skins.
  • Leaderboard: (top 20 instead of the top 10 agario style)
  • Score: Your highest score of the current game. (Same as
  •  Agario Radio: On the left side of the screen is a link with “agario radio on air” it’s going to lead you to’s blog, you can here listen to 2 types of radio channels with awesome trance and hardcore jump music for agario, agario FM is 24/7 online, and can also be listened to while playing other games.

LOL Awesome


The gamemodes on agario pw are pretty fun to play, especially the BIG MOD gamemode is fun, it’s just like agario FFA with a fresh twist to the microcells, they are massive instead of tiny 😛
The other gamemodes are listed below…

FFA Wars, FFA XXL FUN, Big Mod, Anti Minimap, FFA Rainbow, FFA World, Zombie Mod, Easy Mod, and a test server.


Now the question… What’s better or, this is in my opinion a very easy question, so here’s my straight answer: AGAR.IO IS BETTER, here’s why…

  • 1 – is extremely laggy for me, my internet connection isn’t the best, but still doesn’t lag for me, but agario pw does.
  • 2 – The competition and amount of players on agario pw is very low, I prefer more players so it’s more challenging.
  • 3 – Smoke **** Everyday: Everytime you die it’s gonna say something that I personally really dislike, you can go to and try it for yourself if you want to hear it.
  • 4 – agario pw Is also quite glitchy.

Don’t take me wrong, is really fun to play, and I play it from time to time for their awesome minigames, the plain gamemodes get boring if you play them too much, so agario pw is in this case a great minigame alternative for

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