Agario Facts Unblocked

Virus Mechanics
1. At 132 mass you can pass under a virus. Everything higher than that and you explode.
2. Viruses which are notably bigger than regular ones (those which are primed) require a bit more mass to consume (up to 50 more).
3. Eating or exploding on a virus will give you an extra 100 mass.
4.Once you reached the max amount of cells and one of them is larger than 135 mass (may differ on state of the virus) you can start eating viruses without blowing up. You need at least 400 mass to start eating viruses.
5. In Team Mode eating viruses does not increase your mass.

Splitting and W’ing Mechanics
1. The smallest size you can split at is 36 mass.
2. Pressing “W” gives less mass than actually splitting into someone. If you’re teaming this will drastically reduce your mass score (if only using W).
3. Your cell can split 4 times for a total of 16 cells.
4. When in 3 or more pieces, you can self-feed by pointing your cursor to the blob you’d like to grow and pressing W.

Game Settings & Controls

1. Moving your mouse controls your cell(s).
2. Pressing “w”  shoots out a 13 mass blob from you. You can use this function to feed others or self-feed and shooting viruses.
3. Pressing space splits your cells in half. You need a minimum of 36 mass to split though.
4. When spectating a match, pressing “q” will allow you to maneuver around the map.
5. Also, when spectating and in the normal game, scrolling will zoom in or out towards your cell.

DISCLAIMER: This applies to the original game.

This is still a growing list, and as I learn more the list will get updated accordingly. Feel free to post suggestions and facts yourselves. I am aware that it’s quite cluttered and unorganized right now, but I’m tired and can’t be bothered. I’ll fix it up “soon”.