Agario Mods Tutorial

AGARIO MODS TUTORIAL is an awesome game, but might get boring if you keep playing the same gamemodes over and over again, if you’re looking for a change you should try agariomods, agariomods is a free to download modpack made to boost fun in agario, it’s not only gonna give you more gamemodes, but also more settings and lots of extra features, some of these features allow you to change your background image, play with pop and blob sounds, and there’s also a wide range of extra agario skins to choose from.

Is it legal to use agariomods? Yes, agariomods is legal to use and approved by the r/Agario Moderation Team, just to confirm… you will not get banned for using this mod, likes to call this modding without cheating.


Downloading agariomods is fairly simple, just go to and click on the blue download button on the right side of the screen, this will automatically start your download, all you have to do now is wait till it’s finished downloading, as I already mentioned it’s legal to use agariomods and approved by the r/Agario Moderation Team, you can read all included mod features on the left side of the screen at

Agariomods recommends you to disable Adblock before downloading, if you’re using one you can do so in google chrome by clicking on the chrome menu on the top right side of your screen > more tools > browser extensions, you can now uncheck the Adblock extension and re-enable it after your download.

The mod will automatically activate and add itself onto your internet browser, you can now go to and see how it looks, it should be looking like the image below…Agariomods screen

Cool right…

If you for some reason want to disable agariomods you can do so by going to your browser extensions… here’s an example: Click on the Chrome menu > more tools > browser extensions, you can now uncheck the agariomods evergreen script check box, and re-enable it whenever you want, or you can delete agariomods by clicking on the delete from chrome button.


There’s also a mod available for mobile agario users at, it’s allowing you to do some useful things like zooming out for a larger view and using agario skins on mobile devices.


  1. alvaro says:

    este es el fuego mas hermoso

  2. Joshua says:

    make free bots plaese on open this game is make this free plaese!!

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