Agario Settings And Setup


Here’s the complete list of all agario settings and setup, with a simple explanation of what they do.


agario checkbox settings

No skins – Enable this to remove all skins from your point of view, other players can still be able to see your skin if you’re using one.

No colors – This option removes all colors when enabled, you’ll just be playing in a black and white based game.

Dark theme – Enable this to changes the background color from white to black, Black is my favorite:D

No names – This option removes all names including the names on the leaderboard.

Show mass – Enable this to Show the amount of mass within your own cells, you can also enable this in spectate mode to see everyone’s mass.

Skip stats – This option skips the end results pop up window when you die.


agario settings— Select a Region — Choose the region where you want to play along, the closest one will give you the best agario game performance.

Spectate – Click on spectate to go into spectate mode and look what other players do, click here to learn more about spectate mode.

Gamemode – Choose one of the 4 following game modes, FFA, Teams, Party, andexperimental, agario FFA is selected on default.

A quick note – All agario settings will go back to the default setup when refreshing the page. just play around with it and have fun.

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