Android Zoom, Skin Changer, Random Skin and more! [XmodGames] Hack Bot

Hello people!
Today I’ll share with you a little androin application which gives you a few features, it works with other games too but now we’re talking about the mod which edits Agar.IO
You should have rooted your device to get this application working.
If you don’t know how to root your device, please search for tutorial in google.


1. Zoom Out
2. Change Skin
3. Random Skin
4. Rainbow Mod
5. Black & White Classic!
6. No Color
7. No Grid


How to install:
1. Download the application.
2. Install the Agar.IO from the market.
3. Run XmodGames.
4. Click on Agar.IO.
5. Click on Mod section.
6. Click Install and wait for it to finish.

How to use:

1. Run XmodGames.
2. Click the launch button which is placed at the right.
3. Wait for the game to load.
4. Click on the robot at the right of your screen.
5. Click the blue “XMOD”button.
6. Configure the settings as you want.
7. Play the game and enjoy!


[Image: play_one_bar_logo_2x.png]