Best Chrome Extensions

1- A. Powerups

Meet new powerups!
This extension will help You get 1st position on the Leaderboard!

Main features:
• Custom skins
• Custom servers
• Extra zoom
• Show opponent’s mass
• Extended colors
• Virus transparency
• Large names
• No grid
• Show my range
• Show virus range
• Time to remerge

Additional features:
• Has AdBlock? No matter with free space for adverts!
• Free Spectate mode.

2- Bot

This Agario Bot has feelings and learns to play better so please don’t lump it together with meaningless hacks or cheats.
This extension plays based on your play style.

Users should install this because it has:
1. Many customizations targeted towards non-developers.
2. Artificial Intuition Assistance(AIS) based on genetic algorithms.
3. Movement Prediction & Pathfinding for chasing and escaping

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to visit me at

You can also just come by to watch me code live on stream!


3- Ninja

WASD to move, mouse to aim, split and shoot, and (much) more!
Play with advanced controls with this MOD!

Play like an MLG pro m8 and get to the top of the ranking.


Move – WASD or arrow keys
Split – O and left click
Shoot mass – P and right click
Enable / disable mouse – Space

Keyboard controls for the options:
– M show mass
– N no names
– B dark theme
– V no colors
– C no skins

/* NOTES *\
– When splitting or shooting using the O and P keys, it will aim to the direction your are moving.
– When using the mouse buttons, it will aim to the cursor position.

Supports ANY agario client including:
– Anyone, really! 😉


4- AgroMod: The Only Merge Timer

Take your Agar game to the next level with a tactical merge timer, 7-w hotkey for virus attacks, and persistent settings.
***THE TIMER ISN’T PERFECT because the creator of the game keeps the exact formula for merge time a secret. But if used properly, it’s a close approximation.

This is an early release! An update is coming very soon. If you have functionality requests or bugs to report, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the Chrome store!

A dynamic timer to inform your tactics in the crucial moments between split and merge. The time you have to wait between split and merge is calculated as 30 seconds + (7/300) * mass, according to the wiki. When you press spacebar, a 30 second timer will start immediately in the top-left corner of the screen. If you then type your mass and press enter, the timer will adjust accordingly. This can be done at any point while the timer is running. The mod currently only supports one timer at a time, so if you split into 4 cells, you’ll only be able to see the time for the first split.

-Accidentally entered the wrong mass for the timer? No problem! Just enter the correct mass and it’ll adjust again. You can do this as many times as necessary, until the timer hits 0.
-Press “r” (as in “reset”) while the timer is running to turn it off.
-No game deserves to be ended prematurely, so pressing “backspace” in-game will not cause you to leave the page.

Press “s” to shoot out 7 W’s for fast and easy virus attacks.

Click the Doge icon in your toolbar, then click “Settings”. (Or navigate to chrome://extensions in your address bar, find the entry for Mod, and click “Options”.) A new tab will open in which you can save a nickname and checkbox settings. These options will load automatically every time you play, and you can change them as often as you like. Changing the settings in the game won’t change your permanent auto settings.

If you enjoy the app and have a moment, please do rate and review. It means a lot!


5- Skins

This extension allows to add custom skins into game.
This extension allows to add custom skins from site ‘’ to game.

Also you can add avatar in your profile and it will be reserved as a skin in the game for your user. All users with this extension will see your individual skin.
Another useful functionality for streamers is to hide nickname from your blob. Thus, the nickname will not hide your skin.


6- Agariomods

Adds features to agario. Written By Mevin1.
1.9.9 – Agariomods is currently being rebuilt. A more efficient method of modding the agario code has been implemented. This is likely the last major update before we roll out Agariomods 2.0.

Agariomods is currently the most popular mod for (, with over 400,000 users per day! The Agariomods Evergreen Script is a script that modifies the (agario) client that rarely needs updating, and doesn’t contain any cheats. This was originally a Tampermonkey script, but we created an extension for ease of access.

You can disable the mod to play normally by clicking the (A) in the right side of the address bar.

UNINSTALLING: Go to and right-click on the (A) in the address bar and click “Remove From Chrome…”, if that doesn’t work, go to the url ‘chrome://extensions’ and find the extension then click the trash can.

7- Server Browser

This extension adds a dropdown list to select the server ip. Easier to find friends!

To uninstall go to: chrome://extensions/ and uncheck or delete the extension.

Creates a dropdown menu to select from the various websocket servers available. Can also reconnect to an existing server to possibly get a new session.


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