Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

We’ve assembled many commonly asked questions and their answers in order to help you as quickly and easily as possible.

Q: How do I play

A: Go to, type a name if you want, choose a server closest to your location for the least amount of lag, and then click “Play”.

Q: What are the controls for

A: Use your mouse to move around and absorb other cells. You can also press the SPACEBAR to split all of your cells by 50%, this will also shoot your newly created cells forward which is used to absorb other cells. You can use W to eject mass to either feed other players, feed viruses or get you out of a tight spot.
The less amount of mass you have the faster you can go.

Q: What happens after I split? Can the cells merge back together?

A: Yes, the cells will eventually merge back together. The larger your cells are, the longer it will take before they can go back. Your cells will not overlap until they are ready to merge, so take up more space overall. This can allow you to sweep up more cells, but also makes it difficult to navigate between enemies.


Q: Do I have to use my mouse to move?

A: Nope, there is a userscript for the extension Tampermonkey if you use Chrome, or Greasemonkey if you use Firefox. Click the extension, at the top right, then click add a new script. Copy and paste the script into Tampermonkey, save it and then go to Your movements won’t be as accurate when not using the mouse, however.
Make sure to refresh to page to apply changes.

Q: My cell split without me pressing SPACEBAR, what happened?

A: You most likely ran into a virus or someone fed a virus and split it into you. Virus cells only affect cells that are larger than they are, so as long as you’re not too big they can be a safe haven for you. You also have to be over them enough to “absorb” them, as you would another player. If you do that, your cell will explode into many smaller cells and one slightly larger than the rest, leaving you vulnerable to attack!

Q: You mentioned feeding viruses above, what do you mean by that?

A: You can feed a virus (the green jagged cells) by pressing W and aiming at them with your mouse. If you feed a virus 7 times (or less if someone has also fed that virus) it will shoot out a second virus. You can use this very strategically, and it will be used against you.

Q: I see people eating the viruses, how do I eat them?

A: To eat the viruses you need to have the max number of cells, which is 16, and your cell needs to be large enough to absorb the virus.

Q: What is the difference between Score and Mass?

A: Score is based on your highest total mass. Mass can either be increased by absorbing food or other players, or decreased over time or by being absorbed by other players.

Q: I see a lot of people with skins on their cells, how do I get them?

A: Some names have skins set to them. You can find that list here or here. Just type the name of the skin into your name at the dialog box.
As of writing, there is no way to have a skin and a different name at the same time.

Q: Can I request a new skin?

A: Yes you can. You can find all the information here.

Q: I don’t like the skins/names of some of the players, can I remove them?

A: You absolutely can. There is a gear next to the “Play” button, click that and then check the boxes that say “No skins” and “No names”.

Q: Can I play with friends?

A: You can now play in a specific game mode called “Party Mode” enabling you to create a short ID allowing others to join you against other parties. If you want to participate with friends in other game modes, the Agariomods team has 30 servers that you can directly connect to, allowing you and your friends to play together in Teams, Experimental, TeamZ, and Hunger Games.

Q: Can I set up a private server?

A: Yes. There is a currently working server called Ogar which you can use to host a server yourself. Follow this video if you use Windows or visit this page otherwise. You and your friends will need to install a server browser like the one listed above.

Q: Will I get banned for using mods/cheats/hacks?

A: Using mods in-game is not forbidden. Many, such as Agariomods allow you to use custom skins or play in the same match as a friend. Others give unfair advantages to players, such as increasing the area you can see or color-coding enemy cells based on their size. Some advantages may be small, and people may say that they aren’t cheating, but the stance of the /r/Agario Moderation Team is that discussion of any tweak or mod which gives an unfair gameplay advantage is not permitted, by punishment of a 3-Day Ban.
As of writing, there is no way to prove definitively if someone is cheating or using a bot, unless they foolishly post images of it, and no way to enforce an in-game ban if cheats ever were against the rules.

Q: Can I chat with other players?

A: There’s no way to chat with other players in-game (some would say for the better), but we do have a dedicated IRC channel on the Rizon network. You can click here to access it via a web client, or join #agario on in your IRC client. You can also participate on our mumble server,

Q: Who is/are the developer(s)?

A: /u/Zeach is the original developer, but he is working with Miniclip to further develop the game.

Q: How can I give suggestions or report issues to the developer?

A: Please make a post here with the Suggestion or Issue flair. Skin suggestions should be made in the thread linked above.

Q: doesn’t work for me, how do I fix this?

A: There are many potential sources of problems and several actual issues beyond “it doesn’t work”.

  • If you cannot connect to a specific location, it may simply be overloaded or undergoing maintenance. Try going to a different location or a different game mode and check back later.
  • If you cannot connect to any server, in most cases the issue stems from using mods which can either interfere with each other, or with your connection itself.
    The first step is to disable all mods, extensions, and tweaks and try again. If that works, enable them back one by one until you find the culprit.
  • If you have no mods installed, or disabling them does nothing, do each of the following, retrying after each step:
    1. Clear your browser’s cache and disable any proxy settings.
    2. Try a different browser. Seems pretty simple, but it can help.
    3. Disable any firewall you have installed. Separate antivirus software is unlikely to be a problem, but try disabling that as well.
    4. Disable any software which may be using port 443, including web server software such as Apache.
      Many users have reported that Skype can be the source of the issue.


Q: While playing, the game redirects me to another server, is there a way to fix this?

A: You could be redirected because the server is closing. You can usually avoid this by playing at a place and a time where the global population is not decreasing (don’t pick North America if it’s the middle of the night it North America, etc.).
Additionally, you could be redirected if you are marked as a teamer. Please do not team in FFA mode, as it lessens the enjoyment of other FFA players. If you would like to team, please use Party Mode.

Q: Is there a changelog?

A: Yes, go to or click here.


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