How to Improve Extension Performance Lagg?
Okay, so your reading this because you are probably lagging. If you don’t trust me then don’t do it – Ask many people and also read the comments if it worked. Okay, so firstly you go on to RUN(WindowKey+R). Then Type TEMP and enter. Delete all of this. Then do the same again but type %TEMP% and delete all of that. It might ask you for Administrator’s permission but believe me it won’t do anything bad. Then, you should use Opera. Opera is recommended by many clans like Unity/ZT Etc. Put it on High Priority by go onto Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL And click Task Manager).

Go on Opera and then right click it and press Go To Details. Then right click the one that is highlighted and put it on High. Also, make sure you have closed any other programmes.
Is it your Internet?
Make sure you are disconnected on all your other devices and make sure your not downloading/uploading.