How to Make Agario run faster Tips and Tricks


Asides from doing the obvious (listed these at the end later) this page gives the best tips for increasing agario performance and making it run faster. As the majority of people use Windows this guide also shares some brief tips on how to make that run faster.

How To Reduce Lag in Agario

1.) Use Chrome Experimental Features

First up, enter in the following address to your web browser, which should then take you to an experimental features page where you can make some important changes to make agar faster.


Use ctrl-f to find, now you can make the following changes to this page:




2.) Disable Obvious Things

Clearly, you’ll want to disable all extensions in chrome, and close all other programs on your machine. I like using the extension Ghostery to rid agar of the annoying ads and others, but you’ll find that this literally breaks the game so it won’t load. At this point, open the Ghostery menu and allow the trackers one at a time until it works again.

Doubleclick and Facebook Connect are the only ones that seem to prevent mine from loading. The ads should be disabled anyways now.

One more addon you might want to consider is called “The Great Suspender”. I use it a lot because I open about 30 tabs on whatever browser I’m using and it’s super laggy. You can set this to suspend tabs in the background if you don’t use them for set amounts of time (mine is 15min). Just make it so it doesn’t suspend Youtube so you can keep your music playing!

3.) Increase Your System Performance

Most of you are using windows. Mac, I am not familiar with. Personally, I am running on Arch Linux and I can tell you this is the fastest system there is. If you’re on windows, you can make the following lag reducing changes:

-Open up MSCONFIG and clean your startup applications

  1. hit [windows-key]-r and this should open up a menu
  2. type msconfig and hit enter
  3. On the startup and services tabs go through one by one and disable all the things that you don’t need
  4. There are a lot of Microsoft services here that you shouldn’t turn off. Basically anything besides these is safe to disable.
  5. Make sure you know what it is, but if it’s from a 3rd party company, there’s 90% chance you can disable it.
  6. If you have a lot of things running your computer will be very slow. There may be some drivers you need for your network or printer, don’t disable those.
  7. Restart your computer.

-Use this program

I used to use a free program called Advanced Systemcare when I was running vmware to play 2 instances of Minecraft on my computer simultaneously with a friend using VMware and 2 keyboards /mice. This program has a feature that boosts the performance of your computer (sounds sketchy I know). It disables a lot of background services that you don’t need temporarily and makes your computer way faster.

4.) Set Chrome Priority to high

This one is simple

  1. open up the task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and clicking “open task manager”
  2. Find chrome under processes
  3. Right click, highlight priority
  4. Change to high

If you need even more power, you can disable some of those processes one at a time on the that didn’t get disabled in step 3 so long as you know what they do. You can even end explorer.exe after you open up chrome, then run it again after you’re finished through task manager.

Don’t disable any critical Microsoft processes that you don’t know what they do. If you don’t know what something is, you can right click it and open the file location to investigate.

5.) Buy a video card

You probably have at least one friend who knows a lot about computers who can help you.

A video card isn’t that expensive and will make your gaming much, much faster.

To put it into perspective, rendering the game with your computer alone is like painting a picture with a single paint brush. Rendering the game with a graphics card is like painting a picture with as many paint brushes as your computer has pixels.

6.) Switch to Arch Linux!

This last step doesn’t really belong on this guide, but the power of Linux justifies all! 99% of things for Linux are free, and it deserves the support of this random agar guide! Go Linux!

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart, but I know there are those of you out there who have not tried Linux yet but are definitely capable. (Don’t do this if you’re not a computer g33k). Linux is way faster than Windows when configured properly. When you have to run Windows games on Linux with Wine it is still faster under Arch Linux.

If you have the skills to run a web server and edit html or php then you have enough skills to make the switch. Initially there will be pain for about a month until you get used to it. Stick it out. Learn. In the end you will be very glad you made the switch.

Arch Linux is used in this example, because Arch Linux is basically a bare bones Linux installation that allows you to add modules as you need them. It is very fast. Get a GUI like GNOME or otherwise (I use Awesome WM). On Arch Linux with the modern versions of wine, the performance VERY likely out does Windows nowadays- last time I checked even the old clunky Ubuntu with Wine was starting to outdo Windows. Personally, I can say that on the few games I play it performs smoother and faster on higher graphics than my old Windows which froze even at lower graphics settings.

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