How to NOT get kicked / disconnected from games

As you may have noticed recently, if you try to spam “join” to get a better spawn you probably end up getting kicked at one point sooner or later.

This is basically just a heads up for those who didn’t know why it was happening, and you can’t click join anymore except when you’re actually joining a new server.

Also, if you don’t have facebook mass, don’t logout / in and refresh. Make sure you’re spectating (not playing in the game) and just close and re-open the browser and 9/10 times you’ll have facebook mass again py (AT) 2x (DOT) png 2x" alt="^_^" width="20" height="20" data-emoticon="true" />


It might suck, but sucks less than randomly getting disconnected with the mass #BlameMoneyclipForShitUpdates