How to Unblock Agario Tips and Tricks


How to Unblock Agario 1

This short tutorial shows how to play agar unblocked.

(?) How does a school website filter work?

This. This Right here:

Schools use a website tagging system open to the public which categorizes websites and allows you to access them based on what they are tagged. It is very easy to get around. DNS stands for Domain Name System.

This basically works by forcing you to ask a security guard for the address code to your websites you want to visit. If you ask the security guard how to get to agar, he says you can’t do that and gives you a webpage saying something like “this website is blocked.”

The security guard maintains a list of websites he doesn’t want you to go to. Since agar is a popular game it has to be unblocked.

The way unblock this is to phone up a friend who’s in the know and have him tell you the secret hideout location. This is called a proxy.

1.) Agar Ghosted URL

The fastest way to unblock agar is to use my personal, self-invented solution of using a ghosted DNS URL forward. This might not work but I’m almost certain it will. Please leave a comment below.

Basically it takes a subdomain of a website which you make, redirects you to a new website but keeps the original URL name and content title. All you have to do is use one of the below URL mirrors:

If you’re wondering, all you have to do is head over to and create your own on the day that these stop working or gets reported. To do this,

  1. Make account
  2. Make a new web forward
  3. Redirect from a new sub-name which you make up of a domain which you choose from the list. Example:
  4. Redirect to
  5. Make sure cloak?[] is checked!
  6. Put a random title
  7. Save and go to the which you made up a few minutes earlier, and it should redirect you to the game!

2.)  unblocked DNS

The second strongest way to get around the firewall is to simply refuse to use the school’s blocking system in the first place.



Getting around this type of firewall is simple. All you need to do is open your network settings, select the connection, go to properties, find the section for IPV4 settings, and under DNS, enter in the custom value




You don’t necessarily need both. You can also add this under IPV6 settings in the same section:

  • 2001:4860:4860::8888
  • 2001:4860:4860::8844

What are these numbers? They are DNS servers provided by google. If you use them, your computer will use those instead of OpenDNS (the security guard) or whatever else, thus allowing you to look up whatever IP addresses and websites you please, and you can play agario unblocked.

One road block could be that you don’t have the permission to edit the network tab on the computer itself. If that is the case, there is basically nothing you can do except try to get around that.


3.) The VPN unblocking

Since kids and office dwellers are generally very clever, your school (if it is strict) definitely is aware of this quick fix. A VPN is a secured connection that routes all traffic through somebody else.

Basically, you’re making an encrypted telephone call and then asking that person to gather all the agar information and then relay it back to you.

More than likely, if you try and configure such a program, you’ll be caught in the process, because there is a DNS filter on proxy and VPN websites. If that is the case, use solution 1.


Google / Bing Translate. This is an old school method of unblocking websites, as the translator is fetching the contents and then giving it to you.

HMA: Famous for its disclosure of information to the FBI for persecution purposes, HideMyAss is one of the more popular free VPNS, which could be blocked by your institution.

HotspotShield: A favorite among many, installing this software is a popular VPN to unblock agar.

Look up free proxies: This is an easy method and involves simply looking up free proxy lists, then copying them into your internet settings under the proxy section. Try to find a site that mentions the speed of each proxy.

There are two types of proxies like this:

  • a proxy that lets you browse through their website. There are lots of websites and lists for them like this.
  • a proxy that’s just a server. You copy it into your internet settings and it routes all traffic through it.

Either works extremely well, just make sure it’s fast.


4.) Desperation

Instead of trying to unblock somebody’s network, you can simply use your own! These usually are very slow and don’t work well but I’ll list them because they’re fun! Here are three methods for doing so:

1: Play on your phone: Just download the agar app and hope you’re satisfied with the inferior experience.

2: Use your phone’s Wifi: My personal favorite, if you have a jailbroken iphone, install the mywi app off cydia, then broadcast your own wireless network. Connect your phone to the institution network, then in your phone use the DNS fix above. If it isn’t too laggy to play, congratulations! You’re awesome.

3: City Hotspots: There are some services that broadcast hidden city wide wifi hotspots for a charge of around 10/mo. If this works, it should be pretty awesome. Congrats on having a data plan for your phone at 1/3 the cost, too.


Ultimate Solution: Portable Linux

This is the ultimate way to play unblocked. For the very advanced users, you can install a lightweight linux distro like lucid puppy on a portable flash drive and make it bootable. It runs out of the system RAM and exits without a trace.

I would recommend downloading the program YUMI and using it to install either Hiren’s Boot CD or Lucid Puppy. Hiren’s Boot CD has a ‘Mini XP’ built in. Select the option to make it bootable and install it on either a CD, or USB.

Before you try this, make sure it works on your own computer first. When you’re booting up the computer, keep pressing F8 and try to select your USB. Every BIOS is different. If that doesn’t work, look for the key on the screen to go into the BIOS settings and change the boot priority to make your device top priority.

Once you get it to boot, simply connect to the institute network and then proceed with solutions 1 or 2 above.

Voila. There is absolutely nothing they can do except look over your shoulder. Enjoy agar completely unblocked. If you’re in some school computer lab this obviously isn’t going to work. If it does, enjoy agar (and everything else on the internet for that matter) as you wish. You can leave without a trace. All of their blocking is going to be on the software level, and this is the ultimate solution.

Lastly, you’re guaranteed to have no monitoring on your station. The only downside? You need to know the network key. Lookup how to reveal the network key in windows and you’re golden.


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