New Private Agario Servers List

Private agario servers have come a long way and became a huge part of the agario gaming community. The biggest benefit of playing on a private server is the number of extra gamemodes, and skins they provide for their players. some servers even allow players to upload their own images and use them as skins.

During the past few months I have played on quite a few private agario servers, and really enjoy playing them, sometimes even more than the regular, I’ve therefore decided to create a list with the most popular ones, and the ones I prefer to play on…

Please add your favourite private agario servers in the comment section below… Let’s grow this list together!
Game modes:
FFA, Fantasie, Speedy, Fantastic, Blackhole, Teams.
Extra Features: Fancy nickname, Chat, Solo, Highscore leaderboard.
Game modes:
Extra Features: Chat, Skin gallery, Upload skin.
Game modes: FFA, Fantasy, Global 18+, Team arena, Experimental, Zombie,  Rainbow, Chat server.
Extra Features: Score list, Chat, Multiple language choices.
Game modes: FFA, Speedy Fantastic Bigbox, Experimental, Team.
Extra Features: Solo, Fancy nicknames, Chat.
Game modes: FIFA, Rainbow, FIFA Hard
Extra Features: Clan, easy screenshot, login / signup,
Game modes: Easy mode, Experimental mode, Fantasy mode, Rainbow mode, Solo agario, Flappy nick.
Extra Features: Fancy nick.
Game modes: Too easy, Team server, Zombie agario, Experimental, Big baits
Extra Features: Login / register, Chat, Agario clan system
Game modes: FFA (Canada / American based servers)
Extra Features: Unique agario experience with Special effects and Sound effects…
Highly recommended by AgarioZone, (Must play!)
Game modes: FFA.
Extra Features: Skin gallery,  Add skin, Hide my nick setting.
Game modes: FFA, Speedy, Fantastic bigbox, Experimental, Teams.
Extra Features: Chat, Solo server, Fancy nick, Screenshot, Top high scores.
Game modes: FFA, Teams, Experimental, Crazy, Crazy plus, Leap, Blackhole, (Limited time agario servers) Custom servers.
Extra Features: Upload a skin, Skins gallery, Chat.
Game modes: Multiple FFA servers, Fantasy, experimental, Team, Speary,  Hunger games, Rainbow, Blackhole.
Extra Features: Fancy nick, Skin list, Solo agario, Top scores.
Game modes: Moon dust mode, Teams, Split feed, Feast mode, Halloween special, Christmas special, Dream mode, Infected, OCD mode, Default, Hunger games.
Extra Features: Custom structured hub, Chat, Recommended by AgarioZone.
Game modes: FFA, Teams, Experimental.
Extra Features: Chat, Minimap.
Game modes: FFA, Rainbow FFA, Big FFA, Big teams.
Extra Features: Skin gallery, Upload skin, Login / Register.
Game modes: 10+ FFA servers, experimental, Teams.
Extra Features: Skin gallery, Fancy nick, Zoom option, Chat, minimap.
Game modes: 2x normal, EXP.
Extra Features: Chat, Minimap, Red line on the border.
Game modes: FFA, FFA speedy, Rainbow speedy.
Extra Features: Skin gallery, Minimap, Scores list.
Game modes: FFA Battle, FFA Big mod, Fantasy, team, Experimental, Zombie, Rainbow.
Extra Features: Login / register, Chat, Skin lists, Score list.
Game modes: Clanhouse, FFA,  Fast food FFA, Hardcore FFA, MegaSplit FFA, Team, CrazySplit, Experimental, Hardcore EXP, Arena, Fatboy arena, Crazy FFA, One shot, Deathmatch, Space invaders, Zombie, Virus Wars FFA, Blackhole.
Extra Features: Custom hub, 300+ Lobbies, Create skin / upload skins.
Game modes: FFA, Agario strike, Strike fun, FFA speedy, Speedy rainbow.
Extra Features: Skin gallery, Minimap, Chat, screenshot button.


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