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How to Play

You can use your Mouse to manage your character on the computer. When you’re old enough to be divided to divide your character ‘Space’ button and send your opponent is part of ” W ” You can use the key. This allows you to capture your opponent escaping from you will be much easier. No system level in the game. This is why your nick every new entry into the game and your character is reset and you need to re-set your nickname and regions each new connection. on them the first time you connect to the game, try to eat small cells write any name. This way, your character will grow rapidly and sufficiently large so as soon as you get to write your name on your opponent and your character can eat small cells. In the meantime, you should be careful not to feed your major competitors you. to play through your game you need to download to your android device through game download sites as the first device. As the computer after identifying nick and you may be included in the game. If you wish, you can also play as an individual if you like the game, including a team.