Play Agario With Friends In The Same Map

We all want to play agario with friends right? well, that’s possible with agario’s neat gamemode called (Party) you can use this gamemode to split your way on the leaderboard without annoying anyone in the agario Free For All servers, party mode is made to have, while teaming against other’s all around the world, playing agario with friends has never been easier.


There are a few simple things you need to do before you can start playing agario with your friends, first of all, you need to open in your internet browser, then click on the (FFA) drop-down box and change it from (FFA) to (party)


You’ll get a screen that looks something like this…

agario party play agario with your friends







You and your friends need to be connected to the same server in order to play agario together, that’s exactly what we’re going to do now, just follow the steps below.


agario party give this link to your friends

#1 – You

Click on the (create button) to create a code like this:, this is the code of the server where you’re going to play in, copy the code and give it to your friend / friends.



agario party Your friend should have given you a code#2 – Your friend

Your friend can now join the party by clicking on the (join button) it’s gonna say something like this: “Your friend should have given you a code, type it here:

Pretty straight forward right? just place the code and click on join, it’s gonna say this: “You are now playing with this party:”

That’s all, just click on the “Play as guest” button, you can now play agario with your friend in the same map.

Quick tip – You can paste the party code in your URL box for a quick shortcut.

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