The Ultimate Agario Guide


ill guide you purple agario cellLooking for the ultimate agario guide? well, here it is…

Everything you need to know about agario in a single guide, from basic setup to advanced gameplay strategies, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro there’s definitely gonna be something useful in it for you.

This agario guide will cover…

  • What is agario
  • Agario setup and settings
  • Agario game modes
  • Agario controls
  • Agario skin’s
  • Main game strategies listed below…
  • Growing your tiny agario cell… Getting bigger… When to eat… When to split… The safest places… Dangerous places… Know where you are…

Let’s get started…



what is agario - agario guideAgario is a very popular MMO browser game that’s created by a Reddit user called Zeach, he lounged the game on April 28th, 2015, agario attracted a huge amount of players when it was linked on 4chan on the lounge day, nowadays there are on over 100.000 people playing agario at all times, no matter where you are or what time you play, there’s a crazy amount of people playing agario with you.

The main goal in agario is to become the biggest cell and to get yourself seen on the leaderboard, (breaking your own agario high score is already a goal on its own)

Agario in a single sentence – Eat cells smaller than you and don’t get eaten by the bigger ones…


To play agario you need to go to, this is the official agario website / game URL, you’ll get a screen that looks like the image below… this is the agario home screen, you can now choose a nickname if you like and click on play as guest to start playing, choosing a nickname is not needed, you can just leave it blank and play as an unnamed cell.

Agario homepage example - agario guide
Agario home screen

You can change the agario settings by clicking on the settings / gear icon, this will lead you to a screen with some pretty straight forward settings, click on the bullet dots to switch them on / of, no worries, the settings will automatically go back to the original agario settings when you refresh the page.

My preferred agario settings…   my agario settings - agario guide



There are 4 different game modes available at this moment, the most popular one is FFA (Free For All) the remaining 3 are listed below… All of these game modes are fun to play, and I truly recommend you to try them out if you haven’t already…

  • (Party)Play agario with your friends in the same map.
  • (Experimental) Agario’s testing game mode.
  • (Teams) Color VS color, help your team to dominate the leaderboard.



The controls for agario are pretty easy and straightforward…

Basic Agario controls

  • Move your mouse to control your cell’s
  • Press Space to Split
  • Press W to eject some mass

Extra controls 

  • Scroll = Zoom in and out on your cells
  • Escape = Agario menu
  • FN + F11 = Full-screen mode (This might be different for your PC)
  • (Q) = Freely spectating (Only for spectate mode)



playing agario with a skin is extremely simple, there are just 2 things you need to do.

#1 – Pick a skin from (Remember or copy the skin’s name)

#2 – Type the skin’s name in the nickname box on the home screen, and click on (play as guest)

AgarioZone the Queen's gonna eat me - agario guide
Getting followed by a “Queen” skin

There it is… your new agario skin ready to go, as you can see my opponent used the “Queen” skin in this image.

Just a quick fact –  The “doge” skin is the most used skin in the agario.



The following gameplay strategies / tips will regularly be updated, and new ones will be added over time, here are some pretty basic ones to get you started, they increase in difficulty, so scroll down for the advanced strategies.


growing your tiny cell - agario guide

Whenever you’re starting a new agario game you’ll start with a total mass of 10, the only way to grow your tiny cell is by eating micro cells, micro cells are randomly spread throughout the map in random order, every collected dot gives you 1 mass, collecting them is critical for the early game, but useless when you’re big.



i'm growing my cell in agar

You’re getting bigger, and your cells are slowly gonna lose mass, in fact, the bigger you are the more mass you’re gonna lose, the best way to grow your cell is by eating the cells from other players.

Quick tip – Eating microcells is pretty much useless above 1000 mass.



Eating the cells from other players is the only thing that’s gonna make you grow into a massive cell, There are many ways to do so, for now I’m gonna stick with the most basic ones… split killing and trapping.

Split killing is probably the most used eating strategy in agario, and it’s actually pretty easy to do, just wait till someone comes close to your cell, aim, and split yourself, you just need to be 25 – 33% larger than your opponent’s cell in order to be able to eat him when you’re split.

trapping in the corner of agario
Trapping my opponent in the corner

Trapping players against the corners of the map is a great way to get lots of mass pretty easily, just make sure there’s no one around to trap you instead, corner trapping is useful for medium / big cells, just keep in mind that you need to be 10% larger than your opponent’s cell in order to eat him when you’re in one piece.



First of all you should Only split when it’s really necessary or useful, just remember that your cells need to recombine after the split, this takes about 30 seconds for small cells, and up to multiple minutes for massive sells.

Should i split - agario guide

Split killing is probably the best way to use your split’s, just don’t overdo it, you should still try to make them worth your time and effort, here’s a quick example, if you own an 1100 mass cell you should target the 400 mass guys, and not the 100 mass guys, at this point you shouldn’t even care about the small ones, try to get the most out of your splits, and remember, you need to be 33% larger than your opponent’s cell in order to eat him when you’re split.

Splitting yourself whenever you’re about to get eaten is a good thing to do (in many cases) split running is most likely gonna save a bunch of your mass, and maybe even all of it when you’re lucky, your opponent might just be thinking that it’s not worth it to go after you and let you float away.

You shouldn’t split into more than 2 cells when it’s not needed, only do so for special things like epic kills or split running when it’s necessary, splitted cells are easy targets, and players are therefore more likely gonna be targeting you whenever you’re split into more than 2 cells.

Quick tip – Patience is the key to a successful agario split.



im safe here - agario guide
Safely hiding under a virus

The safest place for small cells is probably gonna be around viruses (Green spikes) you can safely hide under them, and fallback whenever it’s needed, this will only work when your smaller than the virus itself, medium and large cells can also use viruses as a shield for protection, but should be careful.

Open space is the safest place to be for pretty much every cell in agario, when I say open space I mean a place with few players around, and preferably no viruses.

The safest place for massive cells is in my opinion gonna be in the middle of the map, and most preferably far away from viruses, teams and players bigger than yourself.


Quick tip – Small cells can also use massive cells as protection, and split block.



agario doomed

The edges and corners are definitely one of the most dangerous places to be in agario, you can simply get trapped in the corner, or crushed against a virus, don’t take me wrong, this doesn’t stop me from doing some corner trapping myself:D corner trapping is very effective when it’s correctly executed.

Teams are extremely deadly, and you should definitely stay away from them whenever you can, I assume that the agario developers are working on some tweaks to make them less powerful, but for the meanwhile we should just stick toteam trolling, and lobby switching to work around them.

Here’s a quick update, and some great nieuws, the agario developers have indeed done some great work, and maneged to degrease the power and amount of teams in agario ffa, click on the folowing link for more informatin about this agario update.



Viruses are those green spiky things that make you pop whenever you float against them, this will only happen when you’re bigger than the virus itself, small cells can therefore safely hide under them without popping, this makes it a safe place for small cells, and a deadly place for big ones.

agario guide - showing a virus

You can shoot (W) mass blobs into a virus and shoot it towards your opponents cells, this is called viruses shooting, a virus needs up to 7 mass blobs for it to reach its maximin size, it will then split itself towards the direction of your last (W) mass blob.

You can also eat virusesit’s however a pretty advanced agario strategy, and it’s only gonna work when you’re split into 16 cells, eating a virus with a number below 16 is just gonna make you split again, you also need at least one cell that’s 200+ mass in order to eat them.



agario guide know where you are

knowing where you are and what’s going on around you can truly give you some great advantages, just think about it, when you know where the viruses are, and where the map’s gonna end, you can prepare for it, and crush your opponent against a virus or a wall, this can completely change the way you play the game, this makes the chance for you to get trapped also much smaller.

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